CurrencyServer Web Service
The Daenet CurrencyServer Web Service is a collection of methods that you can use from within your own applications to access the data served up by the daenet CurrencyServer – the current exchange rates for practically every currency in the world. The platform independence of the Web Service technology means that your choice of development environment is not limited. The use of daenet’s CurrencyServer Web Service is available at no expense and requires only that you register and indicate your acceptance of our conditions.   weiter
  CurrencyServer HTML Currency Calculator
With the daenet Currency Calculator, you can quickly and easily determine the current exchange rate between any two currencies. The Currency Calculator is designed to be hosted within an IFrame HTML element which means that you can include it in any site that you wish without incurring any costs. This means that you could use the CurrencyCalculator within your own site to provide a service to your customers for example.   weiter
New Currencies
Frankfurt, den
Frankfurt. Since 22/10/2001, CurrencyServer has included over 240 current exchange rates from all over the world. The values are updated daily and are available free on both the demo page and through the Currency Server Web Service.  
CurrencyServer Passes the Microsoft Platform Test
Frankfurt, den
Frankfurt. In December 2004, CurrencyServer passed the Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions with Veritest. As a result, CurrencyServer is certified as .Net Connected and becomes officially the first ever .Net 2.0 application.  
CurrencyServer Listed in UDDI
Frankfurt, den
Frankfurt. Since November 2001, the CurrencyServer Web Service has been listed in the UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) register.  
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